Exeter and District
Over 60's Triples Bowls League

May I remind all Clubs that matches postponed through exceptional circumstances are supposed to be re-arranged within 21 days of the original play date. See Rule 8 on the Rules & regulations page. We would appreciate this Rule being observed, thank you.

We have been contacted regarding the matter and the meaning of any weekday in Rule 8.

I would suggest that weekday means Monday to Friday but in the circumstances if both Clubs can agree we do not see any objection to matches being played any day of the week.

Maurice is still doing a great job by getting the tables to us for Sunday mornings, many thanks Maurice.

Week Fifteen table below: only three weeks left this season.


League Table Week 01.pdf  League Table Week 10.pdf
League Table Week 02.pdf  League Table Week 11.pdf
League Table Week 03.pdf  League Table Week 12.pdf
League Table Week 04.pdf  League Table Week 13.pdf
League Table Week 05.pdf  League Table Week 14.pdf
League Table Week 06.pdf  League Table week 15.pdf
League Table Week 07.pdf  
League Table Week 08.pdf  
League Table Week 09.pdf  

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