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Maurice Daniel has done another super job with the 2018 Fixture list and will be sending it out to all Clubs around the 20th October, and I have added a link to it below.

Please note the change of my email address for Over 60 matters, this is to fall in line with that  used by the Fixture Secretary.

The format for matches is as previous, your team plays all the other teams in your Division once at home and once away.

Look for the number of your team in the division lists and then check the numbers to see when and where you play each week.

We are sure all clubs know very well when their greens will not available during  next season and we urge everyone to re-arrange those match now in 2017 and not leave until the last minute.

Our aim is to get all re-arranged matches played in advance and not in arrears. That way Maurice is always ahead and never behind.

Please, please, help us to get all matched played in plenty of time. Remember re-arranged matches do not have to played on a Wednesday they can be any day of the week and at any time, but should be re-scheduled with 21 days of the original play date.

SO, if you know in advance of any fixtures that need to be re-arranged then please inform Maurice well before the time, please don't leave until next season and certainly not the end of the season, thanks.

Over 60's Fixtures 2018.pdf

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